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                                        Mission & Vision



Establishing itself as the best institution of Chhattisgarh in the field of teacher-education and educational research- innovations IASE Bilaspur, till 2020  will unceasingly proceed towards qualitative development by-
 Preparing accountable, sensitive and skilled teachers
 Establishing a perfect harmony among all the teacher education institutions of this region, with an aim of the all round development of the students, and
Making all the levels of school education academically prosperous.


To develop the IASE as a centre of excellence and quality educational research for teacher education at national level.
To enhance continuous professional development (CPD) of the faculty through in-service teacher education on one hand and educational   innovations, action research, full-fledged research and curricular material development on the other.
To take care of qualitative development of teacher educators at elementary and secondary level in terms of equity and inclusion.
 To prepare skilled teachers in accordance with the social needs, through in-service and pre-service B.Ed. and M.Ed. programmes and through engaging teachers meaningfully in innovations, seminars, conferences, action research and educational research.
To forge a strong linkages with NCERT, NUEPA and SCERT on one hand and CTEs, DIETs, BRCs, CRCs and schools on the other.
To run a widespread programme of capacity building for teacher-educators and teachers in the use of ICT.
To reach school teachers and provide on-site support through the faculties of DIETs, BRCs and CRCs.
To develop the IASE as a Regional Resource Centre for all the teachers and teacher-educators of the state.
To ensure that the spirit of the ideas mentioned in NCF-TE (2009) and NCF (2005) is reflected in all the pre-service and in-service programme of the IASE.
To serve the society with quality education which enable the youth to setup a better global village to live in.



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